GAFT Take Banjul Marathon 2020 By Storm

Bethany / Football, Gambia

GAFT prepped to take part in the 2020 Banjul Marathon

On Sunday the Gambian Amputee Football Team took time out of their usual training schedule to run together in the second annual Banjul Marathon.

Midfielder Muhammed Samasa pins defender Yusupha Trewally’s number on as they get prepped for the starting line

Fifteen of the players and regular supporters turned out as the sun was rising to race in the 5km segment of the marathon. The spirit of GAFT touched those that lined the streets, the country’s first lady and the event organisers Africell alike.

Ousman Jatta (centre) with team mate Abdou talking to even organisers Africell about their passion for parasports.

For the team it was a new way to challenge themselves physically but also to challenge the perceptions people have of ‘disability’ in The Gambia. During his post-race interview with Africell Ousman Jatta told the host “we may be differently able but we are still members of this community. It is important that everyone sees we are willing and able to participate.”

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