January 25, 2019

Gang take arms to Africa

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“Delivering prosthetic arms for Legs4Africa has been the most selfless, rewarding experience we have ever had!”

Ana Springall De Pablo

While we were planning our trip to The Gambia we came across the Legs4Africa charity webpage. They were asking members of the public to give some of their baggage allowance in order to take prosthetic limbs and equipment to the National Rehabilitation Centre in Banjul Hospital. We were immediately interested, as it seemed an easy task that would benefit many. We got in contact with Phil, a member of the L4A team, who immediately explained everything and organised the packages for us to take. It could not have been easier. Furthermore, we had asked the airline we were travelling with for charity luggage, so we did not even have to use our personal 23kg (and it was free of charge).

On our arrival to The Gambian airport, I prepared all the appropriate documents that the L4A team had sent to avoid problems going through security and entering the country. However, none of these were necessary as we sailed through. Our next task was to get the prosthetic limbs to the Rehabilitation Centre at Banjul Hospital. We got in contact with the head prosthetists, who sent a member of his team to our hotel to pick up the limbs. They found a time that was suitable for us and came the day we called them. The whole process could not have been easier.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Rehabilitation Centre, where the whole team from The Gambia greeted us with open smiles. They were eager to share their story, the limitations of disability support in the country, and the challenges they face daily. They are the only free of charge prosthetic limbs centre in The Gambia, where 15% of the population is disabled. They rely heavily on the support from L4A, and this was clear to us when we saw how much they appreciated our visit. They are a small team who are passionate about giving patients with disabilities freedom, independence and a better quality of life. The work they do touched us deeply, so we have decided to form a long-term relationship with L4A on further trips to come.

The support we received from Phil and the L4A team was fantastic – they answered all our questions, concerns, and ensured the delivery of the prosthetics was as smooth as possible. We really encourage anyone travelling to The Gambia to get in contact with the team and consider delivering prosthetic limbs. It’s easy, the impact is vast, and the experience is incredibly rewarding.

If you’re travelling to Africa and would be interested in delivering some legs for us, let us know here.