Join our team of Leggers

Looking for a reason to buy some new goggles?
Looking for a way to use up that vanilla extract?
Looking for a way to use your Legs4Good this year?

Be a Legger.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get involved in 2019:

Step 1: Do some good thinking

Decide what you’re going to do but make sure it’s something you actually WANT to do. We believe that action should be led by inspiration or fun, not guilt or pity. 

Be as off-the-wall and abstract as you possibly can, that’s the way we like it. For inspiration why not have a look at our ridiculous idea in 2017 that led to some lovely brave ladies letting it all grow out for a month or download our 2019 fundraising pack

Step 2: Show people where to chuck their moneys

Are you ready for lift-off? Then get yourself on Just Giving – follow this link and click the ‘Fundraise for us’ button in the top right corner. Easy right?

Step 3: Shout from the rooftops or the swimming pool

Stumble into cyber world for a minute or two and share your story – upload a photo of yourself in your lycra and direct people to your Just Giving page. We’re sure they won’t be able to resist a click. This is what our friend Jonathan did and through his open water swimming challenges he raised more than anyone else ever has for L4A.

Tweet, post, share and make sure you shout at Evie too. Email her at for advice, content, promotion or absolutely anything else you might need.

Thank you so much for choosing to fundraise for Legs4Africa - you really are doing a wonderfully lovely thing by helping people that you may never meet. We look forward to chatting soon.

Download our 2019 fundraising pack