Introducing.. The amputees of Africa

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Maybe you have donated time, money or a prosthetic limb. Maybe you want to know more about the people that you will help before you make a donation.
In this new series of videos Legs For Africa is proud to introduce the people that your aid can help. It is a weekly insight into the lives of the people who, without your donation, struggle with everyday tasks. It is such a simple thing to walk and to be mobile and yet something that is denied to so many amputees in Africa.
These are real people  with real lives. They don’t want your sympathy, they just want your understanding and your help to get back on their feet.
You can help restore their freedom to move, a freedom that Legs For Africa can provide.

This series of short films lets you into the lives of the people you help. It lets you see how a prosthetic limb can improve the life, not only of the amputee, but their families, relieving them of the burden of looking after a handicapped father, mother, son or daughter.
“Give these people back their mobility and their dignity.  Change their lives so they don’t have to ask for help every step of the way.” Tom Williams, founder of Legs For Africa.

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