Help us ship 75 prosthetic legs to training centre in Ghana

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Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is enabling the handicapped in Ghana, mainly children, to gain independent and productive lives.


The OTC was started by the Divine Word Missionaries in 1961, founded by Brother Tarcisius de Ruyter (SVD). The primary purpose of the Centre is the rehabilitation of the physically challenged in Ghana and West Africa.

Located in Nsawam, about 40 km from Accra the capital city from Ghana, the Centre consists of an orthopedic clinic & workshop, a children’s department and the prosthetics and orthopedic training college. A mobile orthopedic unit also tours the country on a regular basis providing support to those unable to visit the Centre.

Over 6000 people a year, mainly children, are helped at the Centre or receive the help they need from the mobile orthopedic unit. The OTC currently has a full-time staff of 68 people, is all dedicated to make the OTC a place of hope for those who are physically challenged.

Where we come in

As with many countries in West Africa, Ghana suffers from a lack of medical resources such as prosthetic legs for its amputees. The Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) in Ghana works hard to enable the handicapped to live independent and productive lives.

Through its clinics and mobile orthopedic unit, the OTC provides rehabilitation to people with physical disabilities and, as a non-profit organisation, is constantly in need of donations of resources to ensure its continuing good work.

We are Legs4Africa, a charity that collects redundant prosthetic limbs from the UK and supplies them to partner clinics in West Africa. We have been contacted by the OTC who have requested a shipment of materials and components.

In all, we want to send 75 prosthetic legs and associated components to the OTC to help it continue it’s great work and, for this, we need you.

For just £550 we can dispatch the entire shipment of 75 prosthetic legs and associated components. This works out at just £7.33 for each prosthetic leg to get to Ghana to be adapted and fitted so that it may be comfortably used by its recipient.

Please read more about the OTC here and the impact it is having for persons with physical disabilities. Also, if you would like further information about the work that Legs4Africa is doing in helping clinics such as the OTC, you can find us here. Just a small contribution from you can make such a big difference.

Thank you.