Happy leg news from Cameroon

Stefanie / Case Study, Deliver a Leg

We may not be sending legs out at the moment, but we’re still hearing great stories from our partner prosthetists about lives that are being changed by their hard work.

Palle Loveline Diengu is a nurse from Cameroon who lost her leg due to a diabetes-related ulcer. She received a prosthetic leg from Presbytarian Community Rehabilitation Services (PCRS) in Kumba, Cameroon. Her prosthesis includes a knee, SACH foot and adaptor that have been recycled in the UK and were delivered by our volunteers Stuart and Morten back in October 2019. 

Thanks to her new prosthesis, Diengu can more easily carry out her normal daily activities like going to work and picking up her child from school, as well as using stairs and hygiene facilities that would otherwise be a huge challenge. She is a friendly and happy person who loves to cook, spend time with her community, and just move around! 

Thank you to Julius Penn Nchumulu at PCRS Kumba in Cameroon for the amazing work you are doing, and for sending us case studies like Diengu’s and allowing us to continue to show our supporters a glimpse inside the lives of amputees. 

We’re sending our hope and best wishes to all of our partners, whether you are continuing to provide vital services to your communities or participating in lockdown measures to keep each other safe. Please continue to use the African Partners Network to share information and support during this time of uncertainty. If you need advice on dealing with the coronavirus outbreak we have compiled a list of links to recommendations here

And to our supporters and friends, thanks for having a read; we hope Diengu’s beautiful smile has brought a smile to your faces too. Keep the cheer going by checking out our Fun at Home pages, where you can support us from your sofas or just find a new favourite lockdown activity if you can’t take another game of I-Spy!

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