August 14, 2019

How to play Ampe?

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Do you know how to play Ampe?  Originating in Ghana, it is a popular children’s game in Africa because any number can play and no equipment is needed so it’s a good game to play spontaneously anywhere with your friends. It’s fun, fast and furious.

A leader is chosen and he or she stands opposite their first opponent. They both jump up, clapping and kicking one of their feet forward. If the leader has put the same foot forward as their opponent, the leader wins a point and moves to the next player. If the feet are different, the opponent becomes the new leader. Someone keeps score and the first person to reach a pre-determined number of points is the winner.

11 year old Unice was born with a congenital deformity so her right leg was amputated in order that she could be fitted with a prosthetic leg. Despite this, Unice is an enthusiastic and accomplished Ampe player with her friends.

Having access to an artificial leg is so important to amputee children in lots of ways and this is just one example of how a leg donation to Legs4Africa has enabled a child to join in the fun and not be relegated to sitting and watching from the sidelines.