Interview with a wheelchair mechanic

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It’s an inspiring sight when you walk into the Social Welfare Unit in Banjul -The Gambia, as most of the engineers and staff are affected with limited mobility. For example, all 3 wheelchair mechanics which serve the entire countries wheelchair maintenance needs are bound by a wheelchair. Having spoken with each member of the team, we could see and feel how passionate they were about what they do, they themselves are restricted, so can fully empathise with those in a similar situation, they have taken it upon themselves to make the lives of others as equally mobile as theirs.

Mumudu Savage (interviewed in the video above) is the Head of the Wheelchair department, he lost his ability to walk when he was a child after a vaccination went wrong. Mumudu explains that his life has been easier than most wheelchair users, because children more easily adapt to the challenge compared to adults. Mumudu serves as a councillor to anyone who is struggling to adapt to the challenges of being bound by a wheelchair.

The Gambia is lucky to have Savage and his like-minded colleagues; they are resourceful and talented engineers that have access to the necessary materials and facilities to carry out their work.

Legs4Africa hopes to begin supplying the team with the materials required to expand outside of Banjul and to countries in West Africa that have been affected with brutal civil wars, Ebola and the results of extremely basic healthcare.

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