August 29, 2022

Last Chance to Join the Legs4Africa August Collection Drive

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Help us rescue as many serviceable prosthetic components as possible this month

We’re nearing the end of our August collection drive, and this is our last call out to our amazing supporters to join us. You can still be part of the largest global collection of prosthetic legs and components. Don’t delay, let’s create real change for people navigating limb difference across sub-Saharan Africa. 

We’ve had an overwhelming response to this collection campaign with 46 clinics reaching out to us and requesting hassle-free collections of donated components. It seems August is an ideal month for the drive and for our supporting clinics, so we aim to do something similar this time next year. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed, you are an amazing community of passionate professionals that choose to believe in what we’re doing. 

Legs4Africa will continue to challenge the status quo by promoting a circular economy, where serviceable prosthetic components are refurbished and safely reused to give people the chance they deserve to walk, work, go to school, play with their friends and dance. 

If you haven’t had a chance to organise your donation, you can still reach out to us at a time that suits you. 

Components we can refurbish and reuse:

  • Entire prosthetic limbs (UK only)
  • Feet 
  • Knees (functional, none electrical)
  • Modular components (tube clamps, pylons, adaptors)
  • New stump liners
  • New stump socks 
  • Useful gubbins (synthetic casting tape, stockinette, leather/elastic straps)
  • Other workshop tools and supplies

Bright Futures in Africa

After her family’s mud hut caved in on her, Jenny needed to have her leg amputated. Although she was very small, she had to wait a while before she was able to access a prosthetic leg. Her life has since changed a lot. She can play more easily, and has made lots of new friends to have fun with.