January 31, 2019

Leg Donor Legend

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This is Dad. He always took the photos and was never in them so this is ages ago. My son liked it so we sent this one.

Dad was 77 when he passed away. He was married to our mum Joan for just short of sixty years. They met when they were ten and played out together!

Dad was a plumber, welder and sales manager throughout his working life. He worked really hard for his family and was often away a lot. He had a sense of humour that only my sister ever really got.

He liked motorbikes and used to go to Oliver’s Mount for the racing when he and mum had a caravan at Cayton Bay. He lost his foot to a motorbike accident when he was 20. Mum said that was a grim time as he was in traction in Newcastle for months over his 21st birthday. We live in Leeds so I think it was hard for mum to go visit.

He also liked anything with sugar in it especially cake. The bigger the better. He unfortunately passed that to me and my son.

He was a turn your hand to anything sort of a man. My first thought was of him when my plug on my vac blew just yesterday. He liked being in his garage ‘ram-tamming’ as it was known. He liked finding toys in charity shops for my son (who is now 8) and hiding them around the house for him to find. Mum has found loads since he passed away.

He also liked going out for the day with mum. Scarborough was his absolute favourite from childhood. Although he came to really like Belper where my sister moved to.

We used to have a tourer caravan when we were young. We all used to go to France with it. He used to like to find things off the beaten track. He developed gut cancer and passed away within two months from the side effects of the chemotherapy. He died on the 1st November.

He always tried to hide his prosthesis but grew bolder with it in older years. Mum wants others to have a full life like he had.

We really hope his old prosthetics will help someone else.

The Monkman Family