June 14, 2017

Leg it to Africa

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We’re not saying that we’re super heroes… But…

Origin stories are all the rage now, from the dusky beginnings of super heroes to the even shadier background stories of Breaking Bad lawyers. Naturally, Legs4Africa identifies neither with heroes or criminals, but we also have an origin story and though it may not be superhuman or have multiple seasons, we think its better. Why? Because it’s true, and it shows how anyone can make the world a better place, even without super powers.

The set up…

Several years ago, when Legs4Africa was a newly minted charity and the future seemed both bright and terribly daunting, a documentary was made, and that documentary was called, Leg It To Africa.

As with many of our more experimental projects, we turned to a crowd funding campaign to raise the £5,000 to have the documentary professionally filmed, produced and edited. Two versions were produced, one was over 40 minutes long and tracked the arduous journey of two of our volunteers as, against all odds, they tried to deliver a shipment of prosthetic legs and mobility equipment to the Gambia, as well as the waning van that was transporting it all.

The full length documentary took well over a year to finish, the entire process being a lesson in patients and diplomacy as well as instances of us pulling our hair out. And, we’d love to say that we were delighted with the final product however, the premiere viewing of the documentary, screen in the back room of a pub in Leicester, was met with scattered polite applause and awkward and well meant compliments such as:

“Gosh, well that was very, um, very, long…”

Though we did not deliver the documentary we’d hoped for, we had homered our pledge to our crowd funders and, in the process, learned a lot about such projects, as bout how they always over run, about how briefs have to be exact and how to produce better content next time… And so we have. We now work closely with our film makers, we understand more about what works and doesn’t work and, most importantly, we have matured and now produce films that are about the most important people within the whole Legs4Africa project, the amputees of Africa.

The happy ending…

As well as the longer documentary, a short, 20 minute, documentary was produced which tells the story of how Legs4Africa all began.

Welcome to our origin story…