Make a Christmas Donation: Christmas Appeal – Legs4Africa

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amputee child

This Christmas Legs4Africa, an amputee charity, is inviting you to help amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa live more inclusive and joyful lives. With your Christmas donations our target is to raise £6,000, which can provide approximately 25 customised prosthetic legs along with physical rehabilitation. Pap (thinking he’s old enough to drive) Adama with his wife and family behind him Fatama at … Read More

Legs4Africa’s Partner Prosthetist Visits The UK

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Gabu visits Bristol, Clifton bridge

Gabu with Legs4Africa’s Physiotherapist advisor Emily Hancock Legs4Africa’s logistics coordinator Phil with Gabu in front of the Clifton suspension bridge In late September Gabriel Jarjue, the prosthetist who fabricates and fits prosthetic legs in The Gambia for Legs4Africa, flew to the UK for the first time. He was here to gain a deeper understanding of how Legs4Africa works from this … Read More

Gambian amputee appeal receives generous material donation

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Pile of prosthetic legs on their way to Gambia

Limbtex, an independent manufacturer and distributor of materials to the Prosthetic and Orthotic Industry, has kindly donated several bottles of resin laminate to the Gambian Amputee Rehabilitation Appeal. The resin, an essential material for creating customised sockets for prosthetic limbs, was requested by Gabriel Jarjue, The Gambia’s soul Prosthetist as it, and similar materials, are very difficult and costly to … Read More

How prosthetic limbs unlock the world of sport for amputees

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What makes an athlete? Is it how fast they run? How high they jump?… Or is it that determination that burns within them, forcing them onward, to go further, to run faster, to reach higher? Recently, an American veteran, Kirstie Ennis made a Summit Climb of the Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia having already climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, all with … Read More

Help us ship 75 prosthetic legs to training centre in Ghana

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  Orthopedic Training Centre (OTC) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is enabling the handicapped in Ghana, mainly children, to gain independent and productive lives.   The OTC was started by the Divine Word Missionaries in 1961, founded by Brother Tarcisius de Ruyter (SVD). The primary purpose of the Centre is the rehabilitation of the physically challenged in Ghana and … Read More

The 2017 Legs4Africa Impact Report

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Explore our 2017 Impact Report now and see what your support has helped Legs4Africa achieve! Though we do try to keep you up to date with our activities over the year, it becomes easy to loose sight of the bigger picture. For this reason, we have produced this radiant impact report to let you, our amazing supporters, know just what we … Read More

You can help us ship 200 wheelchairs to The Gambia

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Legs4Africa is looking to raise six thousand pounds to furnish The Wheelchair Centre, supplying the whole of The Gambia with wheelchairs, as well as the nearby physiotherapy department with essential tools, replacement parts and equipment. The skilled engineers need updated tools and parts so that they may customise each donated wheelchair for its intended recipient. Legs4Africa have seen, first hand, … Read More

A Woeful Week in a Wheelchair Workshop

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Phil Tunstall, chief of operations at Legs4Africa and all round good egg, describes his recent experience of working at the wheelchair centre in the Gambia. He takes a look at the highs and the lows of the work that the centre does and the frustrations its technicians are forced to endure due to insufficient resources. Finally, he explains how you … Read More

A spotlight on the customisation and fitting of legs

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There are many stages in getting an African amputee walking again, not least of which is making sure that the equipment we provide is appropriate for the task. Through the highly skilled Prosthetists at our partner hospitals and clinics in Africa, the recycled prosthetic limb that we send out can be assessed, restored and, finally, customised for its intended recipient. … Read More

200 Wheelchairs to support Rehabilitation Unit in The Gambia

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Legs4Africa is looking to raise six thousand pounds to furnish The Wheelchair Centre, supplying the whole of The Gambia with wheelchairs, as well as the nearby physiotherapy department with essential tools, replacement parts and equipment. The skilled engineers need updated tools and parts so that they may customise each donated wheelchair for its intended recipient. Over a hundred wheelchair users … Read More

Send Legs Not Cards

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According to royal mail, each person in the UK sends, on average, 17 cards every year. This means that a staggering one billion cards are binned when the festive season is done. With each card weighing about 30 grams this translates to a giddying three million tons of paper and card. With other factors such as transport and disposal of … Read More

Much needed shipment of prosthetic legs reaches Tanzania

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Patience is a virtue Early June found the expanding Legs4Africa team racing rain clouds as they loaded 500 prosthetic legs to be shipped to a Tanzanian hospital. The 5,000 mile journey was expected to take about a month but, as with many schedules, it was to be left in the hands of the gods and customs which would decide the … Read More

We love ‘Good News’ – Success in Zambia

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Anyone remember when we shipped 500 legs to Zambia last year? We are starting to see some very good results, helping lots and lots of people walk again and regain their independence. Dr Colin McDonald was stationed at the The University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia and found that they were in desperate need of the components to build more prosthetic legs. After … Read More

Project: Mobilise Africa

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Join Mobilise Africa with a monthly donation Supporting Legs4Africa with £4 per month could be enough to mobilise 2 amputees in Africa each year. That’s just £1 a week! Just give whatever you can afford. 100% will help make great improvements to the lives of disabled people in the developing countries of Africa. Legs4Africa are recycling the UK’s discarded prosthetics to remobilise amputees … Read More

The L4A Leopards

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Dust off those trainers – The L4A Leopards need you! So, I’m writing this as I contemplate my running training plan for the Bristol 10k on Sunday 15th May. I can’t say I’m a runner, more of a trundler to be fair. Most of my 10k and half marathon sign ups have been whilst semi drunk or as I stare … Read More

Volunteer spotlight: Our doctor at ground zero

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The old man is still singing Congolese gospel hymns, even as the young doctor removes his leg. The operating theatre is humid, dark and is a far cry from the sterile, brightly lit theatres of the young doctors home. It’s already been a long day with an unending stream of cases coming through the door, some walking but most being … Read More

The curse of the African witch doctor

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Firstly a warning… This article contains references to practices which some of you may find disturbing. . Please, do not continue reading if you are easily distressed. What is a witch doctor? Witch doctors deal in maladies of the body, the mind and the spirit. They act as both healers and holy men often asking the spirit world for help … Read More

Vesbin around Truro for Legs4Africa

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Truro Foyer is a fantastic scheme that helps 16-25 year olds find their feet, by providing housing, education and has a great sense of community. The staff and young people of Lander Court designed and built ‘The Vesbin’, a bespoke mod styled wheelie-bin trike, complete with comfy seat, mirrors, lights, steering and classic black/white chequers. Turning  a wheelie-bin into a … Read More

The Gambian Wheelchair Basketball Team

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About an hour’s drive south of Banjul, in the town of Seracunda, lies the grounds of the Gambian Wheelchair Basketball Team. Here, in a tiny sports centre, athletes from across the nation meet up every week to train. Many of these players fit the training around professional careers as teachers, mechanics or doctors. For others, the community of the court … Read More