Meet our Grants and Trusts team

Margherita Pisoni / Inspiring Stories, Leg Work

In September 2020 Esther, Jamie, Juliette and Rachael jumped on board and became our Grants and Trusts research team! Since then they have been working tirelessly to find new funding opportunities for Legs4Africa. So, it’s about time we introduced them… Who are they, what are they up to and what do they look like… What’s your name?Jamie Who are you … Read More

COVID-19 Advice for Prosthetists

Stefanie / Leg Work

The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics has published guidance for clinics that must remain open during the pandemic.  Below please find links to advice and resources listed in the document: World Health Organisation (WHO) transmission advice: WHO Standard Precautions: CDC Transmission-Based Precautions: Handwashing Guide: Guide to when and how to use masks: Sequence for … Read More

Sharing leg advice between centres in UK and Africa

Bex Yearworth / Leg Work

One of the things I picked up quickly working with Legs4Africa was that this wasn’t just a case of dropping some limbs off where required and speeding away thinking that the job was done. Donating recycled limbs is one part of what Legs4Africa does but what it also does is invest in the limb centres in areas where they are … Read More

Clinical Advice Group – Connecting Leg Makers in Africa and UK

Phil Tunstall / Leg Work

Legs4Africa Clinical Support Group is a closed Facebook group that allows professionals across the World to connect. It is designed to provide peer to peer support for amputee rehabilitation professionals across Africa. This group is supported by a team of UK based prosthetists, technicians, physiotherapists and other clinicians who can provide advice to any member of the group. It is … Read More

Meet the Trustee Squad

Evie Dickinson / Leg Work

We realised we don’t shout about our trustee board enough, so here is a blog YELLING about them. Look at their lovely smiley faces, read what they’re all about, and discover your favourite fun fact… Chair of Trustees – Rich Hibbert Who is Rich and what does he do? “I’ve supported the charity since it’s early days – focusing on … Read More

We’re looking for a new Trustee

Tom Williams / Leg Work

Mens Shed group

Legs4Africa is the charity that gets people walking again in Africa. Through recycling prosthetic leg parts that would otherwise end up in landfill and setting up amputee-led support groups we help to get thousands of people a year back on their feet in Africa. We are one of the only charities in the world doing this vital work and since … Read More

Legs4Africa’s Impact on Global Development

Margherita Pisoni / Leg Work

sustainable development goals

This Tuesday we attended a meeting organized by the UN Global Compact Network UK. The focus was  on how organisations can take action on the Global Goals. It has been a great opportunity to share thoughts, knowlegde and get a better understanding of the impact everybody can have towards Global Develompent Goals. One of the main purpose of human development … Read More

The 2017 Legs4Africa Impact Report

Tom Williams / Leg Work

Explore our 2017 Impact Report now and see what your support has helped Legs4Africa achieve! Though we do try to keep you up to date with our activities over the year, it becomes easy to loose sight of the bigger picture. For this reason, we have produced this radiant impact report to let you, our amazing supporters, know just what we … Read More

The L4A Leopards

Legs4Africa / Fundraising, Leg News, Leg Work

Dust off those trainers – The L4A Leopards need you! So, I’m writing this as I contemplate my running training plan for the Bristol 10k on Sunday 15th May. I can’t say I’m a runner, more of a trundler to be fair. Most of my 10k and half marathon sign ups have been whilst semi drunk or as I stare … Read More

Saturday morning pick-up from Limbcare

Tom Williams / Leg Work

legs in a truck

Saturday morning, bright and early at 8 a.m., Jack from GroundQube picked me up in his work van on his day off. We had 70 more legs to pick up from Limbcare that day. Earlier in the year Limbcare kindly gave us a few hundred legs which we have already taken out to Africa. To tell you a bit more … Read More

Amputees in Action 10th Anniversary

Chris Ingram / Leg Work

people celebrating an anniversary

Amputees in Action is a unique agency which works to get amputee actors into film, television and emergency services and military training simulations. Coupled with their skilled special effects make-up team, the agency prides itself on achieving realism through their actor’s ability to bring their personal trauma and experience to roles.  The company’s inspiration came when its Director – John … Read More