When Legs4Africa met Limbcare

Tom Williams / Leg Work

With an early Saturday start, Jack Gutteridge from ‘Ground Qube’ kindly offered to drive myself and Alex from ‘Created By TEN’ in his company van to pick up approximately 250 redundant prosthetic legs from Limbcare in Camberly near Reading.

It was the first time the two charities were to meet and with the laughs that we had we’re thrilled that things went as well as they did. The guys from Limbcare were great, and we fully support their inspirational cause, recycling old artificial limbs to invest money back into new equipment as well as adapting homes for amputees and more.

Legs 4 Africa is on its way to becoming a signpost for redundant prosthetic legs in the UK and it’s through the partnerships that we are in the process of developing such as with Limbcare that will see us shipping 1000’s of limbs a year to developing African nations.

Please see the Limbcare website for more details www.limbcare.org

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