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Hello Everyone,

Thought it was about time I wrote another little blog post for Legs4Africa (or L4A if you’re in to your acronyms) as something absolutely brilliant has happened since I last wrote one…

Legs4Africa has received official charity status!!!

That’s right, we have the special number and everything! Don’t believe me? Then go and check, go on, it’s 1158697. See? Told you!

A fantastic achievement that I feel that Tom Williams and all his merry volunteers deserve a special and huge pat-on-the-back for, so very very well done to everyone who has already got involved.

Meanwhile, we are also pleased to announce that we have recently completed a loan deal for 26 legs to Walker Technology College in Newcastle upon Tyne. Loan deal I hear you say?! –When did there become a Premier Prosthetic Leg League and why didn’t I hear about the transfer deadline day? Well don’t worry it’s not like football and we’re not getting into the dodgy loan business with our donors donated legs! What happened was that a nice man called Grant from the college contacted us requesting to borrow the legs for students to perform tests on them for an upcoming prosthetics assignment. Last year students from the college researched the materials modern prosthetics are made from but having access to actual prosthetics legs the students will get a better hands-on experience, and in turn will enable them to gain a better all round understanding. The students will also be studying sustainability of the materials and the impact on the environment they have, and how important recycling and reusing materials is, something that Legs4Africa believes massively in and in fact highlights perfectly what can be possible!

In return for the legs the college will be actively promoting Legs4Africa and running a Technology club which will be raising money directly for the charity in all kinds of ways so it really seems like a win win situation for everyone involved.

We look forward to more updates from Grant, Here he is collecting the legs in his Mini!!!

If you would like to start fundraising for Legs4Africa then please get in touch, we also are still collecting legs for a container that leaves on December 14th 2014. So if you have an old prosthetic leg under the stairs or in the loft you don’t know what to do with then get in touch!! We hope to have collected 1000 legs by this date plus we have also saved lots of other mobility equipment which will be extremely useful.

And of course you can always help out by donating hard cash! Text LEGS444 to 70070 to donate £4.00 or find us on Just Giving if you would like to give more.

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