Legs4Africa helps “Hector the Donkey” get back to his feet this Christmas!!!

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In a place called Luxor in Egypt lives a little donkey named Hector. The story of how Hector ended up without his left hind hoof is unknown. In fact nothing is known about Hector before the time that he was found dumped outside the Animal Welfare of Luxor.

The AWOL is a medical care centre situated on the west bank of the river Nile and is the only such animal treatment centre on this side of the Nile in Luxor.

It was back in January 2013 that the AWOL centre opened and just a few days later when Hector was found. His hoof was missing and he had been left with a stump. Unlike cats and dogs that can usually cope with the loss of a limb it is more difficult for the donkey or horse species as put simply they weigh more and have a more upright lifestyle. The result of the imbalance and stump is likely to mean sores and biomechanical misalignment, which would lead to joint degradation and pain.

So AWOL had a plan. The small centre that provides charitable veterinary treatment for needy animals in Luxor started to search for a prosthetic foot for Hector.

After several months of searching Angela Robinson (UK Managing Trustee for AWOL) contacted Professor Derek Knottebelt OBE, a leader in the field of equine and working animal medicine who agreed that a prosthetic hoof would be worth trying and suggested contacting his friend and colleague Georgie Hollis, an independent wound specialist with particular interest in the veterinary field and educational model making. www.intelligentwoundcare.com

So from there Angela and Georgie discussed what Hector needed and AWOL sent the measurements of Hector’s limb to Georgie so that a prototype prosthetic hoof could be made!

A few months back Legs4Africa was contacted by Georgie and she explained Hector’s predicament. Georgie wanted to know if we could spare part of a leg that might be adapted or at least help her create something that would get Hector back up and walking again, it was hoped that a new foot would help him rebalance and build up some much needed muscle.

Legs4Africa was happy to send Georgie a component that might help Hector. We just couldn’t say no to such an unusual and equally amazing request! From there Georgie adapted and developed a new foot for Hector. This was the first time she had made a prosthetic for a donkey and the foot was held in place with a specially made leather boot!

Angela then took the prototype to the AWOL, where it was fitted to Hector who then made his first tentative walk around the yard in 4 months!!!!

The prototype has not completely solved poor old Hectors predicament but Georgie plans to head out to Egypt early next year to measure him up for a more permanent prosthetic.

“Thank you Legs4Africa for contributing to that learning process and supporting (literally!) Hector!A true Christmas Donkey!”

We wish everyone involved with helping Hector the very best of luck in this brilliant project and look forward to another update soon…

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