May 17, 2019

Legs4Africa’s Impact on Global Development

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This Tuesday we attended a meeting organized by the UN Global Compact Network UK. The focus was  on how organisations can take action on the Global Goals.

It has been a great opportunity to share thoughts, knowlegde and get a better understanding of the impact everybody can have towards Global Develompent Goals.

One of the main purpose of human development consists in the expansion of the options and choices available to people, so as to promote freedom, strengthen human capabilities and make everyone feel engaged. It is essential to provide people with the opportunities they need to lead a long and healthy life, to acquire knowledge, to participate in social and community life, to see civil liberties, policies and human rights guaranteed, to develop talents and creativity. Development should be promoted for people and by people.

Legs4Africa works hard to guarantee a better standard of living to amputees in Africa and its goals are undoubtedly having an effect on the Global ones. Our projects aim at providing people with good health services so as to promote sustainable cities and communities.

During the conference I had some interesting chats with people from other charities as well as  academics and business representatives with a role in sustainability. Despite the different kind of professionals involved, it was surprising to see how people from different fields can  have constructive conversations and share resources so as to promote sustainable development.

This made me realise how a dynamic system, based on strategic partnerships with others including Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs); NGOs; committed private sector partners; multi and bilateral agencies; and governments, can lead the charge to create a global mission for disability.

Thanks to a multi-sided process, solutions can be reconstructed through co-creation and co-development.

Legs4Africa does not aim at temporarily filling a gap, but seeks to create the right conditions to create costant progresses. Its focus on people’s needs and conditions can have a strong impact on Global Development, because people are the key and the real wealth of nations.