October 10, 2017

Gambia Prosthetist Visits The UK

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Gabu with Legs4Africa’s Physiotherapist advisor Emily Hancock

Legs4Africa’s logistics coordinator Phil with Gabu in front of the Clifton suspension bridge

In late September Gabriel Jarjue, the prosthetist who fabricates and fits prosthetic legs in The Gambia for Legs4Africa, flew to the UK for the first time. He was here to gain a deeper understanding of how Legs4Africa works from this side of the world, and to learn more about the current treatments and technology for amputees at the British Orthopaedic Association conference in Liverpool.
He began his trip in Legs4Africa’s home city of Bristol, meeting the team and reviewing SUTS (Service User Tracking Software), an exciting and key component of Legs4Africa’s future projects and a means of digitalising the status of amputees and the treatment that they receive. Gabu, one of the support staff who will be using the software, made suggestions and corrections which will make the software easier to use and more effective.
The Legs4Africa team were proud to show Gabu around our historic city of Bristol, visiting the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the mighty SS Great Britain, both products of the engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Gabu, an engineer himself, was delighted to see first hand what the visionary man, against all odds, had created.
Before leaving for the conference, Gabu was taken down to the Legs4Africa storage facility where he picked out some needed prosthetic leg components to take back to The Gambia. After seeing the stock, Gabu was able to give the team a better indication of what prosthetic leg parts were and were not needed. He explained that there was a lack in small feet components for children and explained that sockets, as they are customised are not required. Legs4Africa has taken this onboard and will adjust future shipments accordingly.
A member of the team accompanied Gabu to the British Orthopaedic Association conference, four days of talks ranging from sports trauma, to foot and knee rehabilitation, to World Orthopaedic concern.
Gabu said…
‘’The BOA conference gave me an understanding of the current situation in orthopaedics, I have learnt many new things to share with my colleagues back in Banjul and know that I can now further assist the disabled people of The Gambia’’
This trip, as part of the Gambian Amputee Rehabilitation Project, serves to strengthen channels of communication, effectiveness of support staff and refines current and future systems. This allows Legs4Africa to increase its efficiency thereby helping more amputees more quickly and with a better service user experience.
The Gambian Amputee Rehabilitation Project works to improve the quality of service that Legs4Africa provides to amputees, providing materials and parts for prosthetic leg fabrication, a robust digitised system for tracking, fitting and treatment as well as rehabilitation to make sure each and every service-user is making the most of their new found mobility.