LEG UP: Giving thousands of people in The Gambia the ultimate leg up

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AUG 24th - DEC 24th 2021

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What's happening & why does it matter?

On Tuesday, August 24th 2021, to coincide with the first day of the Tokyo Paralympics, we launched our biggest ever fundraising campaign: Leg Up.

This campaign will run until December 24th and is being match funded by a long-term friend of Legs4Africa who wishes to remain anonymous, meaning every pound donated is doubled.

Over the 4 months we hope to shine a light on limb difference, change public perceptions of disability, and ultimately raise funds for our vital programmes in The Gambia. This is your chance to be a part of Legs4Africa history and give thousands of people in The Gambia the ultimate leg up.

Make a donation and make double the impact

What can your support help to achieve?

For as little as £12 you can help to get a prosthetic leg to an amputee in The Gambia

Briefly, who are we?

In a nutshell, our charity recycles prosthetic legs that would otherwise go to landfill and sends them to sub-Saharan Africa, getting people walking again. As well as practical provision, our two other main focuses are community engagement and emotional rehabilitation.

Why is a Leg Up needed?

At just one major Gambian hospital alone there is an amputation every 3.5 days, with road traffic accidents and complications from diabetes causing the vast majority.

Most of these individuals are unable to access the support and technology they need to cope with the challenges and trauma limb loss can bring. We estimate there are 4,500 people in The Gambia in need of a prosthetic leg, and 80% of these will not receive any emotional or physical rehabilitation support.

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Wanna know more?

We've been working in The Gambia since 2014. With your help we've delivered enough parts to build or repair 400 prosthetic legs, we’ve increased capacity at the country’s only mobility centre, and we’ve helped establish peer support networks and counselling services for amputees in the community - giving a leg up to thousands of people with limb differences.

How will we give people a Leg Up?

Through Leg Up, we will be able to continue supporting and expanding our services for the next two years - reaching thousands more marginalised people. These services are split into the three areas below...

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Mobility Centre Support

We've been working with The Gambia's only mobility centre in Banjul since 2014. Our support focuses on providing prosthetic leg parts, tools and equipment, and training opportunities.

When we first started working in Banjul, Gabu was the only qualified prosthetist in the whole country. To help increase capacity we have funded budding prosthetist Morrow's degree in prosthetics and orthotics, and we have employed two female apprentices who now work from the centre - helping to make women feel more comfortable during their appointments.

With your help, Leg Up will give us the opportunity to send another 150 prosthetic legs over the next two years, and continue to provide both training and employment opportunities.

More about Banjul Mobility Centre

Community Outreach Support

Bob is our Community Support Officer in The Gambia. As part of his role, he leads a team that visits amputees in the community, especially those in hard-to-reach areas. The team of five checks on wellbeing, make basic improvements to legs, and provide physiotherapy and advice on exercises and healthcare.

Leg Up will help us to expand these outreach services - allowing us to reach even more marginalised amputees in the community, and train more people up on physiotherapy, maintenance and physical rehabilitation.

More about our community outreach work

It’s amazing to see the encouragement and change in mood that counselling can bring to amputees and their families, when I speak with them and they see me walking, they realise all is not lost.

Alieu Touray

Peer Counsellor

Emotional Support

Our emotional rehabilitation services in The Gambia include developing peer counselling programmes where people are visited by Alieu before and after amputation surgery, with further visits once they're home and supporting the GAA (Gambian Amputee Association) and their affiliated amputee football team (GAFT).

Leg Up will help us to expand and improve our counselling service - getting more people like Alieu trained up to deliver support, while ensuring the GAA and GAFT have everything they need to continue developing as organisations.

More about our emotional support work

Meet some of the people who've been given a Leg Up...

"I am very sociable, I like being surrounded by people and I love spending time with my daughter. I used to work as a bus conductor but I don't think I want to go back to that, I'd like to venture into electrical engineering."
"I love to follow fashion and hope to train as a beautician. I also enjoy reading novels and spending time with my mother - she is the most important person in my life."
"I am happiest when chatting and laughing with friends. Now I have my prosthetic leg I am independent, I can take on responsibilities in my family which makes me feel good about myself. My dream is to become a nurse."

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