March 28, 2019

Little Emmanuel from Ghana

Featured image for “Little Emmanuel from Ghana”

This is 5 year old Emmanuel Azarious Sobo-Blay. His story is typical of the sort of accident that can happen on busy roads.  He and his brother were doing an errand for their mother, taking fabric to the tailor. At the main road Emmanuel’s brother got across safely but Emmanuel was hit by a car and his injuries were such that he had to have his right leg amputated.  

Fortunately he could be fitted with a prosthetic leg and was given all the support he needed to use it at the Occupational Training Centre in Ghana. As you can see, he is a happy boy able to go to school and join in with his friends’ games. This is the sort of situation that Legs4Africa are so pleased to be involved in. Through the generous leg donations that families in the UK send us, we are able to give children like Emmanuel the chance to grow up to live a normal and independent a life.