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SuePownall / Little Legs

 ‘I have two legs now and I will grow to achieve my dream of becoming a driver’.  

……10 year old Brian from Uganda

Read more about Brian’s story here

Have you ever wondered how many outgrown or redundant prosthetic legs are out there, either in attics or under stairs or most likely on their way to landfill because the previous owner has got a new one?

Meanwhile, there is a huge need for prosthetic legs in Africa.  All that is needed is for someone to facilitate the collection and shipping and that’s where Legs4Africa found its niche.

Of course, it is much more complex than that. Between collection and shipping, and in conjunction with Men’s Sheds, Legs4Africa organises the dismantling of the component parts of the legs before sending them to hospitals and mobility centres with which we have created relationships, initially in The Gambia and Ghana but increasingly in other countries in Africa.  These relationships are important because we only supply legs to centres that have the expertise to rebuild and fit a leg for a particular amputee and provide appropriate aftercare. We are currently investing in the creation of support groups, run by the amputees themselves to help them readjust to life as an amputee.

One of the needs we are most anxious to fulfil is the shortage of legs for children and young people who can benefit so much by remaining in school to get an education that will enable them to contribute to the community as well as allowing them to grow up socialising with their peers.

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