Children and amputation in Africa

West Africa is a place of great beauty and culture, however, what it boasts in natural beauty and interesting customs, it lacks in essential medical resources and adaptive equipment for people with disabilities.

Health services in countries such as Ghana, The Gambia, Senegal and Tanzania lack the materials, manpower and funding to help their ever growing populations of amputees.

The rarity of artificial legs is magnified when considering the specialised nature for children who have suffered limb-loss. With a new prosthetic leg being required by a growing child every six months, mobility centres are unable to meet demand.

“Here at the OTC at the moment we have four little ones with both legs amputated. The youngest among them is 15 months. We also have other children with one leg amputated. It is so important when we make the prosthetic for them that we have the Juvenile components for them. Often we are stuck particularly because of the lack of feet and the knee components. It is so important to get the little ones off to a good start.”

Sister Elizabeth Newman, Orthotics Training Centre, Ghana.

What We Do

Legs4Africa works to meet this demand by collecting used artificial legs from the UK to be adapted and used in West Africa. Since 2013 the charity has collected over four thousand artificial legs and sent them to places such as Tanzania, Ghana, The Gambia and Senegal, to be used by amputees so that they may lead a more productive and fulfilling life.

The majority of artificial legs we collect are sized for adults … Now we are looking to younger amputees in the UK to donate their old prosthetic legs and help the children of West Africa who have suffered limb-loss so that they may enjoy the childhood that they deserve.

How you Come In

We understand that many children like to keep their prosthetic legs as a memento, however, these used artificial legs can do so much more than gather dust. They can change the most crucial point in their life, childhood.

Donating a child’s artificial leg is easy, simply send us a message through the form below explaining who you are and what you would like to donate, and we’ll work with you to make sure that your kind donation starts improving the childhood of an amputee in Africa as soon as possible.

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