“We all have a role to play in building a sustainable society, and the more we collaborate with each other, the greater the sense of purpose we can build throughout the entire world of work, unlocking individuals and organisations alike to build the society we want.”Kate Adams - Nesta

At Legs4Africa we recognise the importance of working together to achieve life changing results. Our successes have been built on connecting people and together providing resources to those that need them.

We need your help! Providing sustainable and affordable mobility solutions for amputees living in Africa is an age old problem although with your support we can make a powerful impact.

We value working alongside people from different walks of life with exciting ideas. We like to harness intelligence and opinions to guide us in decision making. This helps us to challenge our processes and make the best choices for everyone involved with the charity.

  • The way in which we could do this is simple – every month we would like to ask you 5 open ended questions, some might be philosophical and others will be focused and topical. It all depends on what’s going on and what needs doing.

  • When sharing your ideas with Legs4Africa, every contribution is taken into account and evaluated, and we’ll be informing you how your input has influenced the impact we’re making together.

“QIARK is very innovative and will fit well into the
“Let’s make a smarter planet initiative.”
IBM Business Analytics, Performance and Risk Management.
If you would like to participate and help us make a real change, add your details below!

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