January 31, 2023

Meet our newest Communications Assistant – Bruna Ma (She/Her)

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As we celebrate the arrival of 2023, it is a pleasure to introduce our newest team member, Bruna Ma, as the communications assistant of Legs4Africa. Bruna is a 2022 postgraduate of Cardiff University in PR and Comms. With previous work experience in both B2B and NGO sectors, she is eager to help Legs4Africa grow and thrive! Here she is to give more information about herself and what she can bring to the team:

Who are ya?

Hi y’all! My name is Bruna Ma. I’m Chinese and I moved to the UK about one year ago. I have a bachelor’s degree in languages back home and I just finished my master’s course in PR and Communications at Cardiff University. I’m the newest communications assistant at Legs4Africa and I’m over the moon to join this lovely team!

Why did you choose to join Legs4Africa?

A passion for communications is always the main reason that drives me to pursue a career in this field. Last year I did an internship with an NGO in Cardiff. I really enjoyed my time there during which I was able to grow professionally and at the same time felt fulfilled knowing I was making a contribution. In this case, NGOs became my first choice when it comes to job hunting. Legs4Africa caught my eye with its niche and interesting cause in the first place and after talking with Tom and Matt, I was deeply impressed by its brand positioning and the great energy shared among their team members. I was so excited when I finally got the job!

What do you want to achieve with Legs4Africa?

On the one hand, based on my previous work experience, social media is such a powerful tool to help NGOs gain as much exposure as possible. Therefore, my first goal here would be to develop strategies to maximise the influence of all the Legs4Africa social media accounts and to engage with more audiences. On the other hand, with the help of Legs4Africa, I wish to know more talented people working in the NGO sector and to build relationships with stakeholders from various backgrounds.  

Tell us some of your hobbies and interests

I have loads of hobbies and interests. I’m a big music lover and I enjoy playing the piano and the guitar in my spare time. Watching films and going to the gym are other two passions of mine. Last but not least, I love peanut butter!

Congratulations to Bruna and welcome on board! Legs4Africa is always thrilled to have young, passionate, and creative individuals join us!