January 31, 2023

Meet our newest Production Technician – Promise Maduako (He/Him)

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While we say goodbye to 2022, it is a pleasure to say hello to our newest team member, Promise Maduako, as the Production Technician of Legs4Africa. As a prosthetist and orthotist born and trained in Nigeria, Promise started his journey with Legs4Africa as a volunteer in 2021. Now as a full-time member, Promise is confident that his African background and deep knowledge of prosthetics would take the organisation to new heights! Here he is to tell us more about himself and his story with Legs4Africa:  

Who are ya?

Hi my name is Promise Maduako. I’m from Nigeria where I finished my undergraduate studies in 2019, majoring in prosthetics and orthotics. In 2020, I joined the National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria. It is a one-year program set up by the Nigerian government and during that time I was working as a prosthetist in a hospital. I moved to the UK in 2021 for my master’s degree in Health Technology at the University of the West of England, majoring in MATLAB modeling of prosthetic sockets.

I met Tom when I was volunteering for Legs4Africa. I came in about only three times back then as I was busy with my study at university. In November 2022, I was so thrilled when Tom invited me to join Legs4Africa as a full-time member. Even though now I’m working mainly as the workshop manager, I can see that my role here will evolve along with the organisation.  

Why do you think the cause promoted by Legs4Africa is important?

During my studies, I did two internships in Nigeria. One was in a community rehabilitation centre and another was in one of the best hospitals in Nigeria which is also the biggest provider of prosthetics there. Prosthetics are extremely expensive in Nigeria so people who cannot afford those would either sit at home waiting around or choose cheaper prosthetics that didn’t even meet basic requirements. Therefore, I believe what Legs4Africa is doing is important because the prosthetic components collected and recycled by them are of good quality, which provides reliable and much more affordable choices for amputees across Africa.

Tell us some of your hobbies and interests.

I enjoyed developing myself and learning new skills. Besides that, I love travelling, doing sports, and also watching movies in my spare time.

Congratulations to Promise and welcome on board! Legs4Africa is always thrilled to have young, passionate, and creative individuals join us!