October 2, 2019

Meet the Trustee Squad

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We realised we don’t shout about our trustee board enough, so here is a blog YELLING about them. Look at their lovely smiley faces, read what they’re all about, and discover your favourite fun fact…

Chair of Trustees – Rich Hibbert

Who is Rich and what does he do?

“I’ve supported the charity since it’s early days – focusing on how we collect and manage data. More recently, I’ve become Chair of Trustees. I’m working on establishing some best practice governance to support the executive team and improve how we make decisions.”

Fun fact

“When I was 5 years old my mum had to call our local GP for advice when I got a ladybird stuck up my nose”

Treasurer – Alex Emenike

Who is Alex and what does he do?

“My name is Alex, a chartered professional banker with broad business and management experience. As a Corporate Manager for NatWest Group PLC, I manage portfolios of Corporate clients – with minimum turnover of £50 million- in South-West England and South Wales, ensuring that they thrive and maintain profitability, thereby positively impacting their communities.
As a Trustee for Legs4Africa, working with an amazing and eclectic mix of board members, we provide leadership, scrutiny and support to the executives to ensure the delivery of the mission, strategy, values and vision of Legs4Africa. And as treasurer for Legs4Africa, I oversee the financial affairs of the organisation. “

Fun fact

“ I probably love the gym a tad too much and probably do not rest enough”

Sam Gibson

Who is Sam and what does she do?

“I’ve been working in the international development field for 20+ years.  I’ve worked on a range of issues, including health in Nigeria, livelihoods in Vietnam, gender in the Solomon Islands, social protection in Uganda, and civil society in Ethiopia.
Thus, my day job includes taking L4A assignments out to partner countries. As such, I’ve been known to be delayed in transit, where the ever-vigilant Indonesian security forces determined that the X-ray of my carry-on bag of legs looked suspiciously like a parcel of pipe bombs.  A L4A letter of authorisation stating the legs were bound for Tanzania only partially allayed their fears! I’m delighted to have joined as a trustee and to be part of an ambitious organisation with a crystal-clear effect on so many individual’s lives.”

Fun Fact

“Alaska’s my home state, but Bristol’s been my home town for the past 15 years.  I parent three teenagers and foster 2 turtles.”

Reena Agarwal

Who is Reena and what does she do?

“I’m a freelance consultant with over 15 years’ experience working in both the private sector and charitable organisations such as Fairtrade Foundation, Oxfam, BT plc and Mars Incorporated.

For the past 10 years I’ve worked in the International Development sector and throughout this time social justice and womens’ empowerment have been the connecting thread through all the projects I’ve worked on.

My most recent role was at a startup that had developed a reusable menstrual hygiene product and an education programme for women and girls.

I was previously CEO of a small charity which was working to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities in rural India. Here we ran many projects focusing on income generation, health and education.

Prior to this I worked as an external assessor for Oxfam’s Enterprise Development Programme and held a variety of global account and sales positions at Fairtrade in the food, agriculture and mining sectors.

I’ve also co-founded a social enterprise – we tackle food waste and food poverty in London. The profits become much needed cash donations for organisations addressing child hunger.”

Fun Fact

” I love owls and have a miniature collection, mainly made from wood, ceramics and glass which people have given me from all over the world “

Bex Yearworth

Who is Bex and what does she do?

“I’ve been a prosthetic technician working for Opcare in Manchester for just over four years. We cover all the NHS patients in the Greater Manchester area so the last four years have been pretty busy! I make new limbs, new sockets and repair limbs for patients and even have my own repair clinic (called the clinical support technician clinic) where I see patients to carry out maintenance and repairs. 

I retrained as a prosthetic technician after being diagnosed with a genetic condition called hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which made me do a bit of soul searching and I decided that I needed to be in a job which involved helping people just like I had been helped through my diagnosis. So I packed up my bags and left the world of prop making in London and ventured north to make it happen.

My mum had initially come across Legs4Africa at Port Eliot Festival and I did a bit of googling. I ended up buying a t shirt (90% because I wanted to look cool) and when I had enough experience with prosthetics I approached the team to ask about giving them a hand. 

So now I help out where I can with all the technical aspects of prosthetics whether it’s advising about limb dismantling, socket manufacturing or just identifying weird and wonderful donated items. 

I was also incredibly lucky to win a competition last year run by my employer and spent 10 wonderful days in Gambia sharing knowledge, meeting patients and getting a real feel for the work Legs4Africa does and the changes it makes to people’s lives! I also got to stroke a crocodile which was pretty chill too.”

Fun Fact

“I had to go to Elton John’s house once for my old job and it was the most bizarre day of my life”

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