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Look like a winner while helping promote the work of Legs4Africa

The Legs4Africa T-Shirt

Grab yourself a trendy new t-shirt and get people walking again in Africa. Only available in the UK.

100% Organic Cotton.

Designed by Bristol based artist Owen Gent 


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Hope for Excel - handmade craft shop supporting Legs4Africa

Bristol Map

Map of Bristol (home of L4A)

Available for pre-order - shipped out the first week of December, 50% of profits go to Legs4Africa, 50% to Ella, our charity illustrator

A4 - £10

A3 - £16

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legs for africa badge

Legs4Africa Badge

Get ya’self a leg badge. For just £3 you can look like the coolest cat in town and at the same time support some of the most disadvantaged amputees in the world.

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For every pair of socks sold, Artists' Socks donate £1 to Legs4Africa.

We know there are lots of novelty socks out there and we are — not one of them.

Simon Dutson


We've been inspired by the work of UK based artists and we've seized the humble sock as our canvas. At The Artists' Socks we're saying no to boring socks and have five artistic collections to bring a little art to your feet and more than a little joy to your soul."

What a perfect Pairing!
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Purchase a bit of Odd Limb Art and help make Legs even greener

Where old prosthetic limbs are given a new life! Aiming to reduce waste and bring joy. Half of all profits go to Legs4Africa.

— Louise


Louise is a prosthetist and started Odd Limb Art as a way to create something out of all the waste that comes out of making limbs for people. Children outgrow sockets, parts become obsolete and need replacing, patients move on to different systems- there are all sorts of reason, and she captures those journeys into everything she makes.

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