Donations & Donating Legs

Simply send an email to with the subject line “PR enquiry” and we’d be more than happy to talk with you.

Firstly we break down the prosthetic legs to their component level, then we send them to partnering mobility units in Africa. These units must be first checked that they will meet our requirements, including; they have the tools and skills to adapt prosthetics, no component parts will be sold for profit, they have safe storage facilities, measures will be taken to find and fit limbs to amputees in the poorest regions, they have measures in place for aftercare.

The components that make up a prosthetic leg fall into a ‘single-use’ category by the NHS so cannot be reused in the UK. This is the NHS Single Use Policy Document.

Someone receiving a new prosthetic leg within the UK would often prefer that it is made out of new modern parts, rather than second hand ones. Whereas there is little or no access to any prosthetics in some African countries, so reuse of parts is not disconcerting.

Prosthetic legs are disassembled to their bare component parts which are then reassembled to match the specific requirements of the amputee. Checks are made to ensure the mobility centre has the sufficient tools and experience to re-purpose prosthetics because ill-fitting legs can cause significant pain, irritability of the stump and an uneven posture.

We currently supporting hospitals in Gambia, Senegal, Tanzania, Ghana and Zambia.

If a hospital anywhere in Africa can meet our criteria we will do our best to supply them, although we are proactively looking to expand through West Africa. 

We will always so our best. 

We try to send a consignment to each of our partnering hospitals once a year, with hopefully enough components to last them until the next. 

We are constantly searching around for innovative methods and new technologies that can cut the costs of providing prosthetic legs to people.

Other FAQ’s about Legs4Africa

Absolutely. We take used prosthetic legs from institutions and individuals from all across the UK. Visit this page: Equipment Donation

Yes, we would be happy to take arms or any other mobility aids, just write what you have on the equipment donation page.

We’ve found that we can make a bigger impact when we focus our efforts and recycle prosthetic limbs exclusively. 

If you have mobility aids such as wheelchairs or zimmer frames that you’d like to donate we recommend that you get in touch with our friends at Limbcare

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Due to demands of shipping and distributing in the most economical way we can’t accept equipment or monetary donations for specific countries.

Yes, We have partnered with a number of hospitals in the UK which we collect from every few months. They keep hold of any prosthetic legs and components that can no longer be used in the UK.

People also send us prosthetic limbs through the post. Quite often people will contact us regarding limbs that they have outgrown, routinely upgraded or ones from loved ones that have passed away.  If you have a prosthetic, you can donate it here.

Legs4Africa is an extremely cost effective charity. We have managed to do everything on a shoestring so far utilising volunteer web developers, drivers, artists and writers. We have made industry friends to help us moved forward and we work with African partners and other charities to minimise shipping costs.

We will always endeavour to do good work without wasting your money.

Fundraising & Volunteering

Though we get the prosthetic legs and other equipment for free, there are many other costs involved with keeping the charity alive and healthy. See our most recent Impact Report to see where your money goes.

From time to time we promote vacancies on Facebook page or put shout outs in our newsletter. 

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You can make a one-off donation here, just make sure you uncheck the ‘give monthly’ option.

Alternatively you can post a cheque made payable to Legs4Africa. To:

Ferndale House
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