Legs4Africa meets Musa the Mechanic

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Days like today remind us why our efforts our worth sacrificing. Having picked up a motorbike first thing with no paperwork we switched the number plate with one that did and cruised the dirt tracks of outer Brikama in The Gambia and visited a list of inspiring amputees which had been recommended that we speak with from the Gambia Federation of the Disabled.

Through a handy mic and camcorder I recorded some compelling interviews capturing a slice of working life as an amputee in The Gambia which I look forward to sharing with you shortly.

Musa, a 36 year old Mechanic, father of 5 who lost his right leg after an engine fell from a pulley 10 years ago. Musa informed me that he suffered from crippling depression for 2 years after the incident and one day like a bolt of lightning discovered how to accept his condition and love himself again. He now runs a friendly family workshop where he is renowned as a great mechanic and family man in the area.

We need your support so we can help Musa and many more amputees in Africa just like him. Donating can be quick and simple through our Just Giving page: www.legs4africa.org/donate/

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