February 6, 2018

My Dog Sighs

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Artist Champions Recycling With prosthetic Leg Donation Bound For Africa

UK based artist, My Dog Sighs, has ben applying his unique concepts of using reclaimed objects and materials to an interesting medium. In collaboration with Legs4Africa, the artist from Hampshire has used a donated prosthetic leg as a canvas. The prosthetic leg, after internal customisation and re-adaption, was recently delivered to its new owner, Keyay Cassay, a 53 year old single mum of 2 children who runs her own shop in Gambia’s capital, Banjul.

“My Dog Sighs’s style is characterised by the combination of melancholic and often naive portraiture with the use of found materials.” - Quote from his website

“It’s exciting working with an artist who shares a similar view of wastage.” Says Tom Williams, Legs4Africa founder. “It’s intriguing to see how My Dog Sighs explores the impermanent nature of objects with perfectly serviceable prosthetic legs that are being disposed of in the UK every day. We wanted to challenge the preconception of what art is and the wasteful nature of society, with the repurposed items that are core to our charity, a prosthetic leg.”

Legs4Africa is always delighted to receive unused prosthetic legs (decorated or not) to be recycled and taken to Sub Saharan Africa to help the tens of thousands of amputees who lack the equipment and support to walk.

Visit My Dog Sighs website here.

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