July 10, 2019

My experience with Legs4Africa

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This week we welcomed Ella McKeown into the office for a spot of work experience – she has just finished her GCSEs and is our official North Somerset badge box vendor.

“I first discovered Legs4Africa when Tom (the founder of the charity) came to my school and gave an assembly on the work him and his team do for amputees all over Africa. I had heard of the obvious charities like Marie Curie, cancer research and children in need but I had never heard any like this one. I thought it was a brilliant way to help amputees who cannot afford or do not have access to things like prosthetic limbs and medical equipment, while also benefiting the environment by reducing the waste going to landfill. I was very intrigued and keen to get involved.

I started off raising money in my school: I went around tutor groups selling pin badges to other students, I held assemblies for each year in my school to explain a bit more about the charity and what everyone can do to get involved; and I organised a competition to create a leg design to go on the money boxes taken to festivals around the country.

Everyone was very receptive to my ideas. We had lots of leg designs from various students and wherever I go around the school I see people wearing Legs4Africa pin badges with pride. However, I wanted to do more so I emailed Evie here at Legs HQ. Pretty soon I was given the job of talking to local vendors and shop owners, asking if they would like to keep our badge boxes in their shops so people can donate money to the cause. I am in the process of approaching shops to get them to stock the pin badges.

Over the past three days I have been doing work experience in the office and learning more about the ins and outs of Legs4Africa.

The first day I came in, I worked with Evie and wrote notes to all the regular donors to thank them for their generosity to the charity.

The second day, I helped Margherita pack suitcases with parts for prosthetic legs and medical equipment. Five students from Swansea are going to deliver these suitcases to the mobility center in The Gambia while they travel there as part of the deliver a leg campaign. After this, I did some work on the website, putting captions on photos for people who are visually impaired.

On the last day of my work experience, I brainstormed fundraising ideas for schools and ways to get more young people involved in the cause, and composed some emails to use when I approach other shops to keep Legs4Africa pin badges.

Overall this has been a great experience, I have enjoyed meeting the Legs team and learning more about this amazing cause. ” – Ella McKeown