Nostalgia for the LegNominations

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The Earth has made a full orbit of the sun since our first crowdfunding campaign. We had a month to raise the required 5-grand and it started slowly, a polite video request with an outline of our objectives managed to pull in about a grand from some generous sponsors. Then the tide changed.

The virulent spread of Neknominations had just tipped itself over the edge, Oh how we all laughed in the beginning, seeing our beloved Facebook friends become entwined in the Mexican wave of alcohol abuse. It soon got dull, but the idea was golden, public nominations for a personal act. If only the act could be one of benefit to the world, and not one reminiscent of the primitive mating rituals of a testosterone heavy extinct tribe.

Luckily for Legs4Africa, that is what happened. The Concept: Get your legs out, donate a fiver and tell your mates to do the same. It began to spread, and the money began to creep up. Something incredible happened too, people began to compete as to who could make the best video, there are stunningly beautiful ones, amazingly funny ones and really sincere ones. People really put time and effort in, and from the back of the campaign some of these video makers are now creating films for the charity.

So check out some of these awesome videos.

They contributed in getting 500 people walking again and put Legs4Africa in touch with some wonderfully creative and generous people.

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