January 14, 2019

Open love letter to our Mobilisers

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In 2018, 55 people donated £16,592 between them. That’s an average of £25 per month each.

This means, these 55 super special specimens gifted 1,383 people in Africa with the technology they needed to be able to walk again.

We call these people The Mobilisers…

We don’t know about you, but we thought 2018 was a pretty good year. We snuck onto BBC News not once but TWICE, we found out that sharks love jazz, we received our first DFID grant, that student in London found the biggest crunchy nut corn flake EVER, and we massively expanded our team of Mobilisers – allowing us to give the ultimate leg up to more amputees than ever before.

Our Mobilisers are the people who donate their precious pennies to us on a regular basis. We call them this catchy, enticing name because they truly are bridging the gap between immobility and mobility in Africa; they are getting a continent back on its feet and if we were a Premier League football team they would be the ones swaying in the stands, shouting World in Motion lyrics at us with a cheese and onion pasty in one hand and a massive tattoo of our logo on the other. We think they are so very great.

Last year these wonderful people raised over £16,500 for Legs4Africa. It costs approximately £12 to get one leg over to one of our partner mobility centres. So, according to my phone calculator, between them they saved 1,383 prosthetics from an eternity in landfill and delivered them safely to people that really need them in Africa.

“I lost my leg last year after helping the children do arts and crafts at the day-care centre I work at – I stepped on a drawing pin and it got infected. My prosthetic was fitted in June and I am already back working twice a week, this would not have been possible without my new leg. I have 3 daughters, one of whom I adopted at 4 days old when my neighbour passed away due to child birth complications. I have experienced a lot of pain in my life, I only have one eye too, but look, I have always managed to overcome it!”Tako, Day-care Worker, The Gambia

By giving on a regular basis our Mobilisers keep us feeling secure and loved. Because we know there is a definite amount coming in each month, we have more flexibility and freedom to do good stuff. We can continue to act quickly when we need to, we can continue to adapt and streamline our process and we can continue to aim higher and higher. And it feels good to know they trust us to do that – it feels good to be part of a little team of people who really do believe in the work of Legs4Africa.

Every monthly donation feels like a big warm hug from Philip Schofield and we just wanted to take the time to stress how thankful we are to every one of those 55 saints. We wanted to tell them again, publicly this time (not just via a posted love letter), that we think the world of them here at HQ.

We hope you feel like Legs is a charity that you are part of, not just one that you give to – because without you, it just wouldn’t work. There is no Legs without your loving arms.

Here’s to another wonderful year for all of us and if you fancy joining our little team and mobilising the world one leg at a time click here – as little as £1 a month really can get someone walking again in Africa.

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