Help us send 75 legs to Senegal

Phil TunstallPhil, Senegal, Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate Sponsorship

As well as welcoming private fundraisers and cash donors, Legs4Africa offers sponsorship opportunities for corporate supporters. These projects address the core funding of the charity and enables its ongoing ability to provide its valuable service to African amputees.
If you are a business looking for a way of helping people in need, please consider sponsoring this project in full or alternatively the next consignment. We will be delighted to make the announcement on our social media channels, prepare and distribute a press release for your generous donation and of course be open to ideas about how we can make the collaboration more public.

We are seeking sponsorship for a shipment of 70 prosthetic legs to ‘The Centre National D’appareillage Orthopedique Du Senegal’ (CNAO Senegal). This will enable the clinic to have the components and materials needed to fit recipients with a prosthetic leg. This sponsorship is essential for the ongoing work of Legs4Africa which is enabling people with physical disabilities in low income countries to claim control of their lives, develop social networks, find work, and be accepted as equals by their local community.

We would like to offer your organisation the opportunity to fund this shipment, to make a difference in so many lives and to further the effective impact of Legs4Africa.

We are asking you for just £500 to enable this shipment which is scheduled for May 2017. Your contribution could be the difference between the opportunity of a fulfilling life and a life of immobility.

Legs4Africa visited the CNAO in 2015 to assess the need of the centre. It had two category 2 trained prosthetics technicians and a well equipped workshop. They have experts in physiotherapy and amputee rehabilitation, and yet, due to a profound lack of manufacturers and resources in West Africa, they are missing the vital equipment to build strong and comfortable legs. With your help, we will supply high-quality used knee joints, feet and pylons to build the legs, new thermoplastic sheets to mould the sockets to fit snuggly to a stump, along with bandages and stump socks so the leg is both safe and comfortable for use.

Legs4Africa provides an opportunity for amputees from low-income African countries such as Senegal to be able to walk.

We collect redundant prosthetic legs in the UK and ship them to partner clinics to help tackle the 90% deficit in suitable aids for people living with physical disabilities in west Africa. These shipments are pivotal in providing means of mobility to our beneficiaries who live in low income countries where such support services are unavailable. The social and environmental impact of Legs4Africa is far reaching providing a means of mobility for amputees, enabling them to live more fulfilling and independent lives whilst providing a viable and sustainable means of utilising redundant mobility equipment which would otherwise go to waste.

Please help provide this opportunity to 75 people with physical disabilities to change their lives in a country where existence is already difficult, and give them the opportunity to have the fulfilling life that we all deserve.