How we use your data and why it is safe

Anonymous data

We use cookies to see how you use our website. Cookies provide anonymous data which enables us to improve the site to make it easier and more enjoyable to use. If you would like to know more about cookies and how they are used, please visit:

Your personal data

If you provide personal data by email correspondence, signing up to the newsletter, becoming a prosthetic leg donor or making cash donations to the charity, this information is safe. It will never be sold or traded or used for anything but development of the charity. This data, unlike the cookies data that is used to improve the website, is used to improve the charity itself. We examine how much is being donated, how many people are signing up to the newsletter and then use this information to improve the way that supporters interact with the charity. Legs4Africa uses Donorfy.

Your support, both actively and passively, is very important to us and is vital in the continuation of the Legs4Africa project. Should you ever wish to have your data removed from our database please contact us here.