Our Work in Kenya

Legs4Africa’s work in Kenya seeks to equip under resourced mobility centres so that they, in turn, may better support individuals who have suffered limb loss.

The current situation

According to [Disability Rights Now] approximately 10 % of Kenya’s population of nearly 50 million are disabled. Over a quarter of this figure have restricted mobility, including people who have suffered limb loss.

It is believed that over half of the countries population live in poverty, this percentage increases when considering its disabled citizens and with over 40 % of disabled people being under the age of 14, it is clear that steps need to be taken to support Kenya’s disabled population.

Poverty is the leading cause of type 2 diabetes which, itself, is the most common reason that people undergo amputation in Africa. Low income leads to poor diet which puts individuals at a far higher risk of developing the condition which, if not treated, can lead to cell damage in the extremities, culminating in the need for amputation of feet or legs.

The Current Solution

Legs4Africa is working to meet the need for artificial legs and specialist tools in Kenya and working with AIC CURE International Hospital Kenya.

By recycling artificial legs from the UK and harnessing existing skills and infrastructure within African countries, such as Kenya, Legs4Africa is increasing the independence and opportunities of amputees and helping to improve their over all quality of life.

What we’ve shipped so far


“Giving someone a prosthetic leg is like giving someone back their life again. It never gets boring”Gabu Jarjue

Where our support comes from

So far our efforts in The Gambia have been support by generous one of and regular donations as well as gifts through the following trusts.


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The Kijabi Ortopedic Hospital

Adapting prosthetic legs

Rehabilitation and Support

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