Our Work in Nigeria

Legs4Africa is working to improve the prospects of amputees in Nigeria by supplying its mobility centres with prosthetic legs for adaption and fitting.

The current situation

Nigeria, with a staggering population of approximately 185 Million, is considered to be an economic powerhouse of West Africa, however, inequality means that acceptable healthcare, especially for the poor, remains inaccessible.

There is no officially accepted data on the number of incidence of amputation in Nigeria, however, it remains a major health problem in the country, most cases being due to either diabetes or accidents.

As with many other African countries, people in Nigeria are often raised in societies where disability is still stigmatised. This makes it difficult for amputees to accept the therapeutic value of having an amputation unless they perceive an obvious threat to life.

The Current Solution

In 2018 Legs4Africa partnered with the Saint Joseph hospital and physiotherapy Rehabilitation Centre in Nnewi, Nigeria. The centre specialises in Orthopaedics, Nero-physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine. Legs4Africa will provide the centre with the prosthetic leg components so that its prosthetists can fix or fabricate legs thereby providing a safe and comfortable means of walking for its patients.

By providing prosthetic parts and expertise, Legs4Africa is supporting the centre so that it may better serve its patients, now, and in the future.

What we’ve shipped so far


“It is the intervention of a lifetime which will put big smiles on many faces “Bede Chukwuekezie

Where our support comes from

So far our efforts in Nigeria have been support by generous one of and regular donations as well as gifts through the following trusts and major donors.

  • Mr Chukwuekezie


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Adapting prosthetic legs

Rehabilitation and Support