Our Work in Senegal

Legs4Africa sent its first shipment of artificial legs to Senegal in June 2017. The consignment was received by the orthopaedic device centre in Dakar and is being used to repair and fabricate prosthetic legs for use by individuals who have suffered limb-loss.

The current situation

Senegal has a population of about 16 Million. The country makes up a significant land mass in West Africa and, for the most part, has a tradition of stable governments and civilian rule.

With type 2 diabetes being the primary cause of limb loss and an impending epidemic of the condition in West African countries, it is essential that mobility aids, such as artificial legs, are available to Senegal’s growing amputee population.

The Current Solution

Legs4Africa has partnered with the National Centre for Orthopaedic Equipment (CNAO) in Dakar, Senegal, and is working to provide further consignments of prosthetic leg components overland from The Gambia.

The CNAO makes up one of the larger main public hospitals in Dakar (Centre Hospitaliser De Fan) and serves amputees from all over Senegal and Southern Mauritania.

Our objective in Senegal is to provide the CNAO with prosthetic leg components and enable the centre to better serve its patients who have suffered limb loss.

What we’ve shipped so far


“Giving someone a prosthetic leg is like giving someone back their life again. It never gets boring”Gabu Jarjue

Where our support comes from

So far our efforts in Senegal have been support by generous one of and regular donations as well as gifts through the following trusts.


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National Centre for Orthopaedic Equipment (CNAO) in Dakar

Adapting prosthetic legs

Rehabilitation and Support

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