Our Work in Uganda

Legs4Africa seeks to provide greater independence to the amputee population of Uganda. We do this by partnering with existing health services and meeting their profound need for specialised tools and quality prosthetic leg components.

The current situation

Uganda, neighbour to The Congo, has suffered decades of conflict. As well as being a direct cause of limb loss, war also leads to increased poverty. This can result in poor diet leading to type 2 diabeties which, if untreated, can lead to limb loss.

Furthermore, restricted medical resources means that infections, easily treated in the western world by antibiotics, go untreated which, again, leads to the need for amputation.

Government records suggest that, of its population of approximately 40 million, over 2 million of Uganda’s citizens are considered disabled. In such a country employment for the disabled is rare, access to public spaces and services is limited, and the stigma of disability persists.

How Legs4Africa is helping

Legs4Africa is working with Makerere Hospital, in Kampala, to lower costs of artificial legs which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive for patients. By providing the centre with recycled prosthetic leg components Legs4Africa is helping to drive down the cost of mobility for low income amputees.

What we’ve shipped so far


“Giving someone a prosthetic leg is like giving someone back their life again. It never gets boring”Gabu Jarjue

Where our support comes from

So far our efforts in Uganda have been support by generous one of and regular donations as well as gifts through the following trusts.


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The Gambian Amputee Association

Adapting prosthetic legs

Rehabilitation and Support

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