UKAid Direct Project Gets Underway In Ghana

Bethany / Ghana, Project Update

Following a COVID19 hiatus the Amputee Empowerment Project in Ghana has hit the ground running in 2021. Working with the Orthopaedic Training Centre in Nsawam, the project aims to strengthen Ghana’s amputee community through bolstering emotional rehabilitation and peer counselling provisions, supporting amputees to grow their support networks and developing a platform of easily accessible, digital self-help information. Since its … Read More

Women’s Cooperative comes to life in The Gambia

Bethany / Gambia, Project Update

Fatou Njie, bi-president of the Gambian Amputee Association, called a group of female association members together in January of this year to talk about their lives as women with disabilities. From that meeting the group decided to invest more time in their female peer circle forming the Gambian Female Amputee Partnership group. Time spent establishing the existing skill set within … Read More

Opcare support is making a huge difference

Tom Williams / Mens Shed / Rotary, Project Update

Legs4Africa has estimated that 1,000 prosthetic legs have been collected and recycled from Opcare since the charity began which is a fantastic achievement for everyone that is involved.  “If unwanted limbs weren’t recycled, they would go to landfill – even though they have plenty of life left in them. So Legs4Africa is helping to reduce the environmental footprint, reusing materials … Read More

Gambia Amputee Football Team’s Birthday Celebrations and Reflection

Chris Ingram / Gambia, Project Update

For the Gambia Amputee Football Team, February 2020 was BIRTHDAY TIME!!! Marking a year since their first meetup. Being committed players, the team had an intense training session which included a very physical game of the old boys versus the youngsters; where energy and enthusiasm overcame age and experience.  Following that gruelling match, the post-training celebrations were an opportunity for … Read More

Recycling Australian and Canadian prosthetic legs

Jules Lopez / Australia, Canada, Global Recycling project, Mens Shed / Rotary, Project Update

Prosthetic limbs have become an important part of our society as they enable amputees from around the World to acquire augmented mobility and autonomy. However, in Legs4Africa, we believe that the distribution of such prosthesis around the World remains highly unequal to this day. Indeed, countries of what we refer to as the Global North, are highly equipped with prosthetic … Read More

Gambian Amputees Train in Mental Health Awareness and Peer Counselling

Bethany / Gambia, Project Update

In January ten members of the Gambian Amputee Association kick started the year by participating in a three day mental health awareness and peer counselling course. The course was designed by mental health professional Katie Taylor-Smith in collaboration with Legs4Africa and UK aid specifically for the group, who delivered the content alongside amputee advocate Alieu Tourey – a social work … Read More

Update: Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary

Chris Ingram / Gambia, Project Update

The 31st January marked the deadline for the first stage of our Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary. This will pay for five female amputees from across the continent to travel to TATCOT in Tanzania and embark on a one year course in lower-limb prosthetics. Thanks to our African partner network consisting of mobility centres, disability advocates and community groups we … Read More