Let’s achieve wonderful things together

Corporate partnerships are vital to small organisations like Legs4Africa. It is our aim to work with businesses across the UK to create mutually beneficial sustainable partnerships that can help Legs4Africa to deliver real change across Africa.


Due to our small size, we can spend more time creating a partnership and relationship that really suits both parties. We understand that people are busy, days go too fast, and we all need our weekends, but we also know that with just a small amount of invested time, we can achieve huge things, and we can do this together.

We are sure you have Social Responsibility hoops to jump through, and that leaping through these can require more energy and more power than you have sometimes, so why don’t we make it easier for you? Why don’t we make the hoops massive, colourful and glittery. Our partnership opportunities and fundraising initiatives will make you smile, not grimace and will contribute towards truly unique work.

Legs4Africa is very much a logistics charity and although we operate efficiently to make the resources that we have go further, having our operational costs sponsored simply means that we can connect more dots. So if you are a company, trust or even an individual that sees the value in the results of our operations then we’d like to invite you to make a huge difference with us.

Through our commitment to transparency, we’ve listed below all of our operational activities along with monthly costs. Find out here what incentives we can offer in return for you support.

  • Operation Title

  • Description

  • Monthly Cost

  • Logistics Coordinator

  • If you’re following us on social media you’ll see his head popping up regularly, his name is Phil, his heart is big and he’s the central gear to the machine.

  • £1,200
    Not yet funded

  • Office Rent

  • We recently moved into the room next door to our storage centre, a building owned by fellow charity Emmaus. Having an office gives us a place to bring our team together so we can make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

  • £175
    Not yet funded

  • Fundraiser

  • Raising funds for the work we go out and do is arguably just as important as the work we do. You might have heard from her already, her name is Evie, she’s proactive, forward-thinking and loves making a difference in the world.

  • £640
    Funded by Marstons Trust

  • Trust & Copywriter

  • Grant writing is a crucial part of our fundraising work. Money generated through applications are directed to the projects that we serve.

  • £800
    Not yet funded

  • Print

  • Having our annual report, business cards, information leaflets and hospital posters printed is an essential requirement to make sure we’re seen and heard by the right people.

  • £640
    Funded by Irwin Mitchell

  • Office Supplies

  • It might not sound exciting but without them we’ll be writing on slates with chalk and drawing the queens head on the corner of our envelopes. It’s the small motors that make the big wheel go around.

  • £30
    Funded by Builderstorm

  • Website Maintenance and Hosting

  • Having an active, online presence is very important to our cause. Raising awareness and helping amputees realise there is a place for unwanted prosthetics helps us receive over 1000 prosthetic legs each year.

  • £120
    Funded by Created by TEN

  • Phone and Comms

  • We all know how it feels when we lose our internet connection – we quickly realise how reliant we are on it. We need a strong connection to allow us to coordinate people over here as well as on the ground in Africa – so we can ensure the components reach the right place.

  • £60
    Not yet funded

  • Insurance

  • We don’t consider what we do risky or hazardous in any way, however it’s common practice for organisations to have policies in place in case things don’t quite go to plan.

  • £60
    Not yet funded

  • Events

  • You’ll find us at conferences, festivals and any local events that will help us to spread awareness and gain exposure. Through increased exposure we can increase our supporter base and gain more vital funding.

  • £250
    Not yet funded

  • Storage

  • Prosthetic legs are either sent to us in the post or one of our volunteer drivers makes a collection, these legs are then dismantled and organised so we can closely meet the needs of our partners.

  • £90
    Not yet funded

  • Community Support Officer in The Gambia

  • Although we’ve got several projects running across Sub-Saharan Africa, our one in Gambia remains our flagship project. We’re doing far more than just providing vital components – our Community Support Officer in the Gambia is our eyes and ears and a passionate doer on the ground, his name is Bob and here is an interview with him that we recorded last year.

  • £160
    Not yet funded

  • Fundraising Tools

  • There are some very intelligent online fundraising tools which we rely on to help us manage our generous donors, facilitate fundraising appeals and collect donations.

  • £105
    Not yet funded

  • Collections

  • Making regular UK collection runs to hospitals or partners that supply us with what we need is a big part of what we do – we have volunteer drivers that we reimburse with fuel costs and we occasionally hire a van when required.

  • £200
    Not yet funded

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If you're interested in supporting us please contact Evie at

Over the last few years we’ve been able to get involved with what Legs4Africa is doing with anything from lending a pair of hands, storage or even one of our company vans. As the charity maintains a very personal approach, whatever we can offer clearly goes a long way and that rubs off on our employees.Jack Gutteridge - Idle Torque