A quarter of a million miles

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A quarter of a million miles

If, instead of being driven all over the UK and to Africa on several occasions, I had pointed my bonnet skyward and driven into the heavens, right about now I’d be reaching the moon, a quarter of a million miles away. That’s a long way, huh? 

But, let me introduce myself, they call me Cheetah and I am the banana yellow van which Legs4Africa (I’m sure you’ve heard of them by now) use to collect prosthetic legs and mobility equipment from all across the UK.

I was given to Legs4Africa as a very generous gift from Service Master, to help make transporting essential mobility equipment just that bit easier.

I’ve been to hospitals where many legs come from, and I’ve been to peoples houses, where one or two legs are collected. These are my favourite as, even though they are out of the way, the legs I get are given by people who truly care. A lot of the time the prosthetic limbs are from loved ones who have died and it’s nice to think that, something that was a part of them for so long, has gone on to help someone else, it warms my engine and sometimes makes me cry, lucky I have windscreen wipers.

This year I have been to many music festivals to spread the word about the great work Legs4Africa is doing in Africa by helping amputees whilst doing good work here helping to cut down on waste.

Recently I have been put to work collecting clothes for the new charity shop, Limbo, which is here in Bristol. I’ve collected all sorts of things from videos to wedding dresses, from drum kits to vases.

I enjoy the work that I do and, when I’m done, I know that the world is just that much better because I have helped.

Thanks for reading…

Cheetah the banana yellow van.

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