We nearly fell off our seats when we were told we had been selected for a BBC Radio 4 Appeal in 2019.
Then we really did fall off our seats in March 2020 when YOU raised £42,895 through the campaign.
Hundreds of people across the country donated to Legs4Africa’s first ever BBC Radio 4 Appeal, and raised enough to get over 1,000 legs to people who need them in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Huge thanks are owed to all you Leg-loving supporters who backed the campaign, Alex Brooker and everyone at the BBC. What a bloomin’ success. Find out more about the appeal below.

What is the Radio 4 Appeal?
The BBC Radio 4 Appeal is a weekly 3 minute programme highlighting the work of a charity and appealing for donations to support its activities. The appeal is a fantastic way for Legs4Africa to engage with the BBC’s audience and a huge opportunity for such a small charity.

Our appeal centred around the story of Alieu Touray. You can find out more about him below.

Meet Alieu…

“The moment I received the leg from Legs4Africa I was very happy, I was in a haze”Alieu Touray

Meet our presenter Alex

Alex Brooker at the BBC

“I was very lucky to get all my legs from the NHS, I always had that care – people in Africa don’t have that necessarily. Legs4Africa do incredible work and give people the opportunity to be mobile and live independent lives.”Alex Brooker - Comedian, TV personality