We nearly fell off our seats when we were told we had been selected for a BBC Radio 4 Appeal in 2019, and now the time is here for us to share it with you…
On Sunday 1st March get BBC Radio 4 on your DABs to hear Alex Brooker say Legs4Africa, avocado and beer can, all within 2 minutes and 50 seconds.
The appeal will go out at 7:54am & 9:25pm and will then be repeated on Thursday 5th March at 3:25pm.

What is the Radio 4 Appeal?
The BBC Radio 4 Appeal is a weekly 3 minute programme highlighting the work of a charity and appealing for donations to support its activities. The appeal is a fantastic way for Legs4Africa to engage with the BBC’s audience and a huge opportunity for such a small charity.

Our appeal centres around the story of Alieu Touray. You can find out more about him below.
For one week, you can donate online, through the post, or via the phone to the BBC Radio 4 team – 100% of donations will go to our work with amputees. 

Meet Alieu…

“The moment I received the leg from Legs4Africa I was very happy, I was in a haze”Alieu Touray

Meet our presenter Alex

Alex Brooker at the BBC

“I was very lucky to get all my legs from the NHS, I always had that care – people in Africa don’t have that necessarily. Legs4Africa do incredible work and give people the opportunity to be mobile and live independent lives.”Alex Brooker - Comedian, TV personality