Disability charities

Amputee Coalition of America - www.amputee-coalition.org 

Disabled Living Foundation - www.dlf.org.uk

Disability Rights UK - www.disabilityrightsuk.org

Leonard Cheshire Disability - www.lcdisability.org

Mobility Trust - www.mobilitytrust.org.uk

Motability - www.motability.co.uk

Disability Today - www.disabilitytoday.co.uk 

Whizz-Kidz - www.whizz-kidz.org.uk

Diabetes UK - www.diabetes.org.uk

Sarcoma UK - www. sarcoma.org.uk

Burning Nights - www.burningnightscrps.org

Amputee charities

Limbless Assosiation - www.limbless-association.org

BLESMA - British Limbless Ex-Serviceman's Association www.blesma.org

Douglas Bader Foundation - www.douglasbaderfoundation.co.uk 

LimbPower - www.limbpower.com

Meninigitis Now - www.meningitisnow.org

Meningitis Research Foundation - www.meningitis.org

Port-Er - www.port-er.com

REACH (for children with upper limb loss or abnormalities) - www.reach.org.uk

STEPS (for children with lower limb loss or abnormalities) - www.steps-charity.org.uk

Steel Bones - www.steelbone.co.uk

Limbcare - www.limbcare.org

Finding your Feet - www.findingyourfeet.net

Other useful organisations

British Legion - www.britishlegion.org.uk

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