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Welcome to the knowledge base and support portal for helping your Rotary Club recycle prosthetic legs from Limb Fitting Centres and other sources.

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What you need to know

This simple guide explains how to:

  1. Make collections and build a relationship with your local Limb Fitting Centre
  2. Work with a Men's Shed and provide training to dismantle prosthetic legs
  3. Send dismantled prosthetic leg components to your closest Legs4Africa depot
  4. Record what has been recycled


Collecting prosthetic legs is where the journey begins, without these collections it's likely that these life changing devices will end up in landfill. It's Legs4Africa's role to inform Limb Fitting Centres of the work that we do in Africa and the service that we provide them, by collecting returned prosthetic legs through generous partnerships with Rotary Clubs.

Once a relationship has been established between Legs4Africa and a Limb Fitting Centre we ask that a representative from a Rotary Club takes over the relationship, and asks to be notified by the Limb Centre when it has a load of prosthetic legs to be collected.

Items that can be recycled:

  • Complete or partial prosthetic legs (including damaged)
  • Prosthetic leg components
  • Stump socks

Items that we can not collect:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Crutches
  • Orthopaedic devices
  • Other mobility devices

Dismantling Legs with Men's Shed

We've found that working alongside the international charity Men's Shed, has been a great opportunity to bring retired gentlemen together with tools and different experiences to help dismantle legs into serviceable components.

Here is a knowledge base specifically for Men's Shed explaining the dismantling process (please share this with your partnered Men's Shed).

Men's Shed Knowledge Base

For details about finding a local Men's Shed to approach with this project, or details about starting a new one see the links below:


Recording the Stats

So we can keep track of what's being recycled it's important for us to get an idea of what is being collected from Limb Centres. We kindly ask that you keep this link saved and fill in the form every time a collection is made.

Prosthetic Leg Collections


Sending Components To The
Legs4Africa Depot

Once the legs have been dismantled, most of the components can be recycled and go on to allow prosthetists in Africa build new legs for amputees who otherwise may never walk again. However, some parts do need to be disposed of as responsibly as possible (such as custom fitted sockets).

As a Rotary partner, we ask that you not only help collect legs from Limb Centres but also take responsibility for the domestic shipping of useful components from your local Men's Shed to the closest Legs4Africa Depot.


Vic Maltby, 98 Donald St. Carleton Place,
Ontario, K7C 1H8


Callum Goodes, 2 Arlington Walk, Vermont,
Victoria 3133

Join the Community!

We would like to invite all Rotary members and Shedders to our active 'Break a Leg' Facebook Group. Here feel free to share photos, tips and any other ideas that help us recycle more legs together. Join the group here.

Please share this invitation with your local Men's Shed

Press and Communications

As soon as the local Men's Shed is on board and you've made that first leg collection, it's time to let the community know. You'll be surprised how many old prosthetic legs are in attics or under stairs and gathering dust with the previous owner waiting to do something with it. We have prepared a small press pack with a press release template that we encourage you to fill in the blanks. Remember it's always best to call up your local newspaper or magazine first, especially with such a personal story like this and they will most likely ask you to follow up with an email at which point you can send the press release.

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