Saturday morning pick-up from Limbcare

Tom Williams / Leg Work

legs in a truck

Saturday morning, bright and early at 8 a.m., Jack from GroundQube picked me up in his work van on his day off. We had 70 more legs to pick up from Limbcare that day. Earlier in the year Limbcare kindly gave us a few hundred legs which we have already taken out to Africa.

To tell you a bit more about Limbcare: they are an excellent charitable organisation in the UK that, in their own words, offers “hope, advice and peer support to amputee and limb-impaired individuals, their communities, families and others impacted around them.” They offer counseling, help, support, fitness, sport, dance and music and also provide education for all limb impaired individuals in the UK and internationally. Currently, Limbcare is in the process of raising funds to develop a contact center that will enable them to assist limb-impaired people in an even bigger way. Amazingly, all of Limbcare’s officers, including its founder Ray Edwards, are amputees so they have a huge amount of experience and knowledge of what’s needed in this field. They freely offer information and advice to anyone who wishes to learn more about life as an amputee or limb impaired person and the life opportunities available.

Over the past 3 years Limbcare has been collecting used and condemned limbs along with orthotic parts, wheelchairs and mobility aids. All of these were previously destined for the scrap yard, tip  or abroad. Just like us at Legs 4 Africa, they offer limb recycling and in their service they strip every item down to the expensive metal parts which can be re-used, and they have located sources to take all broken down items to be recycled.

Legs 4 Africa and Limbcare discussed the possibility of working more closely together to reduce further wastage of limbs across the UK, and it seems like the logical thing to do. Overall both charities want to see a complete stop to prosthetic legs being disposed of so I feel working together will be an advantage to both organizations and our causes.

We thank Limbcare for their donations and for partnering with us. We also give thanks to GroundQube for the use of their van and lift and for volunteering with us and sponsoring our project.

GroundQube is a landscape and garden design and build company based in Leicestershire in the UK. They offer landscape and garden design, landscape construction, planting and horticulture services. They have been extremely helpful in our work for Legs 4 Africa.

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