Sharing leg advice between centres in UK and Africa

Bex Yearworth / Leg Work

One of the things I picked up quickly working with Legs4Africa was that this wasn’t just a case of dropping some limbs off where required and speeding away thinking that the job was done. Donating recycled limbs is one part of what Legs4Africa does but what it also does is invest in the limb centres in areas where they are often overlooked and underfunded. One way they are doing this is by supporting and training clinicians but how do you do this in areas where prosthetic education is few and far between?

A new way to support our clinicians is the development of a brand new clinical advice group supported by a team of UK based prosthetists, technicians, physios and Legs4Africa supporters. This group is open to any clinician involved in Legs4Africa whether through contact and support or receiving active donations. Our aim in setting up this group is to provide valuable advice to clinicians who often don’t have anyone to turn to.  So this could be anything from handling a  complex patient, manufacturing advice or just to connect to other prosthetic rehabilitation specialists.  We have chosen Facebook to host this private group to ensure accessibility across Africa with the ability to post photos, videos and documents. Our eventual goal is to develop an active, community forum with a wealth of educational resources available to any clinician involved in prosthetic rehabilitation anywhere in Africa.

We are looking for prosthetists, technicians, physiotherpaists, occupational therapists and anyone else who works rehabilitaitng amputees to join this group.

If you are trained in an area related to prosthetic rehabilitation and would like to be involved as an advisor please sign up to the facebook group here.

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