October 9, 2017

Swimmer to help provide 250 prosthetic legs to amputees

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Fund-raising with flare

Legs4Africa has some amazing supporters, they come from all sectors of life, but when amputees support the charity, it is something very special.

Jonathan, an amputee due to a boating accident, has challenged himself to do a series of long distance swims, having done a 6 kilometre swim earlier this year, most recently completing a 10 kilometre swim and is looking to do a 17 kilometre swim next year. He has already raised over £5,000 to help people walk in countries where prosthetic legs are not available. His fundraising efforts for Legs4Africa can provide the shipping, materials and components to create 250 prosthetic legs for amputees in Africa… An incredible achievement.

In his most recent challenge, Johnathan, along side 650 able-bodied swimmers, in cold water, swam 10 kilometres in 3 hours. This is the equivalent to 200 lengths of an Olympic sized pool, with the added discomforts of swimming in open, icy water whilst being lashed by bitterly cold winds.

See how much Jonathan’s Just Giving Page has raised here

Jonathan, an architect, lost his leg when he was sailing off the coast of Slovenia. After complications arose he was rapidly returned to the UK where doctors were able to mitigate the degradation of his remaining limb. They were finally able to provide him with a below the knee amputation, a benefit with prosthetics, by taking muscle from his back.

Jonathan has expressed his gratitude to the NHS, saying:

“I know I am incredibly lucky to live in the UK. If I lived in Slovenia (still Europe) I might be dead now or at best I would have lost 90% of my leg. I suspect if I lived in Africa I would certainly be dead. That is part of my motivation for this swim to try and help those without the back up of our amazing and constantly under-loved NHS.”

We as Legs4Africa cannot begin to express the admiration that we have for Jonathan and his spectacular achievements. He has proved that the human spirit, despite amputation and the struggles that it brings, can be overcome, and achieve goals beyond most people’s dreams.

…And this is what Legs4Africa want to do for amputees in some of the poorest countries in the world. We want to give people who, without yours and Jonathan’s support, struggle from day to day with mobility, have little independence and miss out on a rich and fulfilling life. We want to give amputees the opportunity to live, not only a fulfilling life, but an extraordinary one.

Jonathan has proved that, with the right support, disability does not mean inability and that the strength of the human spirit can be boundless.

We thank you, Jonathan, on behalf of the many amputees in sub-Saharan Africa for your iron will and contribution to Legs4Africa’s work.

You are all amazing too, what can you do?

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