November 29, 2022

The Gift of Opportunity

Featured image for “The Gift of Opportunity”
Frank Monteiro

Earlier this year Legs4Africa were contacted by the family of Frank Monteiro who had recently died in Minnesota. Frank had lived a very full life. Born in India, he studied civil engineering there before moving to Minnesota in the US in his 20’s where he married and had a family before founding an engineering company which his family still operates today.  Becoming an amputee in his later years a prosthetic leg enabled Frank to continue working until ill health meant that he had to hand over the reins of the company to his family. 

After his death, Frank’s family were very keen that his prosthetic leg would give someone else the chance to live an equally full life.  Legs4Africa were able to point them in the direction of We Help Two, a charity in Texas which has partnered with us to collect unneeded prosthetics across the United States.  They ship them to the 7 countries in sub Saharan Africa where Legs4Africa has established strong relationships with carefully chosen hospitals and mobility centres.  Frank’s prosthetic will now be giving someone living with limb difference the opportunity to work again and live a successful life in the same way that he had.