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Dust off those trainers – The L4A Leopards need you!

So, I’m writing this as I contemplate my running training plan for the Bristol 10k on Sunday 15th May. I can’t say I’m a runner, more of a trundler to be fair. Most of my 10k and half marathon sign ups have been whilst semi drunk or as I stare despairingly at my reflection post Christmas.

Why have I done it again I hear you ask?! Well here’s the thing….

I DEFINITELY need to shed some pounds but more importantly I’m doing the 10k for a local charity called Legs 4 Africa, a charity that means a lot to myself and many people I know. Completing a race, whatever your ability is so rewarding, but knowing you have made a difference to even one persons life as a result of that training and sweat means so much more.
I don’t know about you but I love working as part of a team, especially during a run so I’m calling out for people to join the L4A Leopard Legs fundraising team on May 15th in Bristol.

Whatever your ability, we want to hear from you and we guarantee a fun day. We are talking fancy dress, goodie bags and a well deserved roast and pint post run, as well as I great chance to meet some new friends.

Come on, I can feel your interest building already…

In the past couple of years alone, the Legs 4 Africa team have changed so many lives by their efforts and fundraising support. Let’s help them get to that next level and get fit in the process.

Please follow the links below to join our Leopard Legs fundraising page:

I hope to see you at the starting line 🙂

Jess Frost

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